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3 Ways to Brighten Skin

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If the skin is dull, people feel that they have no spirit. In fact, in addition to physical discomfort, the dull skin is also caused by their laziness. At ordinary times, some methods can be used to improve the skin. It is not difficult to brighten the skin. Most people use cosmetics or some rf devices for skin to brighten the skin. First, let's look at the causes of dark skin.


93-1. mlay radio frequency face lift device

Causes of dull skin

First of all, ultraviolet radiation stimulates the excessive production of melanin and leads to skin cuticle injury and uneven arrangement, resulting in rough skin surface and dark face. Secondly, cuticle oxidation makes the skin look dull. Daily factors leading to cuticle oxidation include ubiquitous electromagnetic waves in life, long-term exposure to computer screens, smoking, exposure to air pollution and lack of sleep, which will produce free radicals and lead to cuticle aging. Then, abnormal work and rest will cause the decline of the body's metabolic capacity, and may also cause endocrine disorder, which will affect the skin quality. In addition, if people who form liver spots due to hormonal disorders often stay up late, the condition of liver spots on their faces will also worsen. For these people, the use of radiofrequency facial machine and thermage home device is very beneficial. Next, let's take a look at some tips to brighten the skin.



Drink more milk

Milk is one of the things many whitening people like to choose. Milk bath or milk mask can brighten the skin. It's best to have a glass of milk before going to bed. In addition to whitening, it can also improve sleep quality.



93-2.tightening devices

Using beauty instruments

According to different technologies, the beauty instruments on the market can be roughly divided into six categories: facial cleanser, ion beauty instrument, led skin tightening device, ems beauty device, rf beauty instrument and laser beauty instrument. You can choose the beauty instrument with corresponding function according to your skin condition.


The rf facial machine for home use launched by Mlay combines a variety of front-end beauty instrument technologies, which can act on the skin and achieve better nursing effect. Unlike most beauty instruments on the market that only focus on solving one skin problem, mlay radio frequency face lift device has a number of technical patents, which can bring you a completely different home beauty instrument experience.


According to the energy generation mode of IRT, mlay rf beauty instrument directly penetrates the skin and uses the impedance formed by the skin to generate strong resonance rotation of cell molecules (in the order of millions of times per second) to generate heat energy, so as to achieve the purpose of collagen tissue heating and adipocyte heating, and instantly increase the temperature of the bottom layer of the skin, The mlay skin tightening machine uses the stimulation of dermis to produce immediate collagen tightening and stimulate collagen regeneration.



Whitening Essential Oil

In addition to tightening devices, the general problem of skin dimming can also use some whitening essential oils, which can also solve the skin problems well. After cleansing the face, add some essential oils into the cream and then apply them to the face. After a period of time, it will have some effect.

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