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Why Do People Remove Their Body Hair?

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In ancient times, hair removal was often related to social class. For example, in ancient Rome, people thought that people with less body hair were better. Nowadays, hair removal is often related to human fashion ideas. Usually, people remove their body hair just to make their skin smoother and wear more exposed clothes.


The body hair of some parts of the human body usually appears during human adolescence, which is usually regarded as a symbol of adulthood. But in some cultures and subcultures, removing hair from these parts has become a fashion. In many modern western cultures, men usually shave, while women remove hair from all parts, usually leg hair, armpit hair and pubic hair. Some people also use hair removal device or painless epilator to remove body hair on their arms and face. In recent years, some men in the West have also started shedding body hair other than whiskers.


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For men, pubic hair removal is often referred to as male hair removal, although technically, the term applies to whole-body hair removal. Some men usually try this hair removal method at some time in their life, usually out of aesthetic considerations. Most men will use a razor to remove their pubic hair, but in order to achieve better results, it is recommended to use a laser hair removal device or IPL hair removal device.


In ancient Egypt, because people didn't have professional hair removal equipment, they usually used pumice or knife to remove body hair. In ancient Greece and Rome, men and women also got hair removal, which is reflected in some nude body art paintings. Men and women without body hair and pubic hair can be seen in pottery and sculpture. Even the emperor Augustus used tools to remove the hair from his legs.


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In the clothes free movement, the term "smoothie" refers to a person who removes body hair. In the past, this practice was opposed, and in some cases, members of clothes free clubs were prohibited from removing pubic hair. Those who violate this rule may be expelled from the club. These lovers gathered and formed their own societies to cater to the fashion of removing pubic hair. As more and more people join the club, this hobby becomes more and more fashionable, and makes smoothie a major part of some nudist places.


Nowadays, hair removal has become a part of western culture. Most women and men remove all or part of their body hair. In modern society, removing body hair is not a complex thing. You can complete hair removal at home only by using portable hair removal device or handheld hair removal devic. Nowadays, there are various types of full body epilators on sale in the online mall. The appearance, price and even working principle of these electric body epilators may be different, but their usage is very simple. In addition, some spas will also provide laser hair removal services for consumers. It can be said that hair removal culture is connected with modern people's aesthetics, which makes many people have to remove body hair. For women, hair removal is often essential to become more attractive. 

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