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Usage of eye massager

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The eyes are prone to fatigue, dryness and even inflammation due to long-term close-range and high-intensity eye use. If the eyes are not relaxed for a long time, it is easy to cause various eye diseases, such as conjunctivitis. The eye massager device can effectively improve the blood circulation and metabolism of the eyes, increase the adjustment ability of the eye muscles, and achieve the purpose of improving vision fatigue; After three to five minutes of use, the eyes can be fully relaxed, the intraocular pressure can be lowered, and the symptoms such as soreness and dryness caused by excessive use of eyes can be eliminated. So how to use the eye head massager correctly?



30-1-4d smart airbag vibration eye massager

What is the use of eye massager?


Remove makeup and wash your face before using. If you use it without washing your face, it will stain the adhesive pad and reduce the effect. The warm and cold part on the back of the 4d smart airbag vibration eye massager is bonded with the hole of the adhesive pad, and the concave part of the fuselage is tightly bonded with the protrusion of the adhesive pad. Please remove the anti-drying film and stick it on the cheek from the tail of the eye to the present. Make sure that the power supply is OFF, and never stick it on the eyeball and its edge. Press the power button of warm eye massager. Start from the beauty mode: the power button, the mode indicator flashes, and the power indicator lights up. Select the beauty mode. Every time you press the power button, the mode will switch in the following order.


As long as the eyes exercise massager is worn on the eyes, the massage can be started. It is very convenient to use. A good eye massager can soothe our eyes, and it also has a certain cosmetic effect on the skin around the eyes. It is also very good for eyesight, so eye face massager is very suitable for children to use.



30-2-4d smart airbag vibration eye massager

What should we pay attention to when using eye massager?


Do not use it while driving; Do not use it at high temperature; Please do not use it if the massage site is undergoing medication, or has been operated and has no indication such as redness and inflammation. Please take out the battery when the eye and lip massager not in use; Its not suitable for diagnosis, treatment and other commercial purposes; Please wipe it with sterilized cotton stained with neutral detergent; Do not remove the shell of ball beauty eye massager when the shell is closed, so as to avoid irreparable damage to the machine.


Low-frequency pulse current therapy, magnetic field therapy and infrared penetration therapy are integrated and treated at the same time to form a high-efficiency combined energy magnetic field, which penetrates the meridians and bones in the body.


The pure therapy head & eye massager has four treatment electrodes and four treatment methods, which can be used for professional treatment of each acupoint of the eye. The electrode magnetic sheet is placed inside the head of the water eye massager, so that the therapeutic range of the eye magnetic field becomes wider.

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