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Rf Beauty Instrument — The Combination of Aesthetics and Information Technologyin the New Era

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In recent years, with the maturity of people's consumption concept and the development of information technology, the operation of beauty salons can not only stay at the beauty level, but integrate many disciplines such as aesthetics, psychology, physiology and so on. In this context, there are many rf beauty devices and skin tightening devices on the market.


91-1.rf beauty device

Rf beauty instrument is a kind of physical beauty. It is a cosmetic method for experts to achieve non-invasive therapeutic effect without any side effects through the research of certain mechanical and electrical energy combined with physiology, skin histology and cells. The first to advocate this concept in China was in 1992, when an international beauty agency introduced the first skin tightening device for face.


In the era of rapid development of information technology, the appearance of radio frequency machine for face and body has undoubtedly satisfied people's pursuit of beauty. Rf beauty instrument is not a simple change in instrument, but a new generation of instrument combining technology and aesthetic concept. Originally, it was only used for facial, neck and hand wrinkles. Now the treatment is mainly for facial problems, which extend to every part of the body. The whole computer stores many preset programs, which not only solves the trouble of people choosing parameters, but also people can design a special treatment scheme according to their own characteristics. This fully reflects the functionality and professionalism of the rf facial machine.


The perfect combination of multi-function and the cross compartment interactive waveform output to shorten the treatment time and strengthen the treatment effect are major advantages of the instrument. It outputs the process of treatment stage and consolidation stage in different waveforms and acts on the customer's skin at different times to achieve significant curative effect.


91-2.rf facial machine

Under the background of people's pursuit of beauty, the demand of rf facial machine for home use is increasing gradually. In fact, it is not a new market. Products such as face steamer and cleanser appeared on the market decades ago. So, why did the skin tightening devices for home use start a fire in recent years? This has something to do with the awakening of China's women's economic market and the rapid development of technology. In addition, the development of aesthetics has also driven the progress of the industry. Aesthetics has two key words: beauty and times. Although aesthetics studies beauty, it always bases itself on a certain era consciously or unconsciously. It obtains necessary nutrition, inspiration and power from the times. Therefore, aesthetics always embodies the interest, intention and spirit of a certain era. Nowadays, people's views on aesthetics are more vibrant and energetic, and they are more willing to invest in themselves. 


In terms of configuration, the radio frequency skin tightening machine for home use is more like the "low configuration version" of large beauty instruments in medical institutions. However, compared with the cost of tens of thousands of yuan in beauty salons and medical beauty institutions, the mini rf skin beauty device has been favored by consumers, especially the post-90s consumers. Based on this, the industry has unlimited prospects for development.


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