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Hair removal guide: which method is best for you?

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When it comes to hair removal, there are countless methods to choose from-some are more expensive, some are more complicated, some are more painful, and some are more durable. In this hair removal guide, the advantages and disadvantages of the common hair removal techniques are reviewed. Read on and decide which one is best for you.


16.hair removal guide


Shaving is one of the cheapest and most accessible methods because you can shave yourself in the shower and it only takes one to two minutes to cover a large area like your legs.


Best for: legs, underarms, and possibly bikini lines. If you are not easily irritated, not easily scratched, and not easy to grow hair.


Safety issues: Scratches and cuts are possible, but if you are using a razor designed for women, change the blade frequently and use a cream shaving gel or The foam lubricates the skin and you can minimize any potential damage.


How effective is it? With the right tools and techniques, you can get very smooth skin. But because shaving only cuts the hair on the skin, it will grow back quickly. You may need to shave every few days.


Hair removal cream

These products contain chemicals that can break down the disulfide bonds in hair keratin. Once these bonds are broken, the hair is brittle enough that you can wipe or rinse it off the skin. One disadvantage of this method is that the necessary chemicals will have an unpleasant smell.


Best for: legs, bikini area, upper lip and chin. Look for creams that only target the face, which is gentler than creams that target thicker legs.


Safety issues: Some people-especially those with sensitive skin-find that the chemicals in hair removal creams can cause irritation. To reduce redness and irritation, don't let the product stay for too long. Most skin care products only take five minutes to work, but if you are sensitive, spend less time.


How effective is it? Because depilatory mainly acts on the surface of the skin, the hair may regenerate after a few days. It can be tricky when you use it on a large area, such as the legs, because you have to apply a top cream on it, wait for it to work, and then shower and rinse off.



Warm, melted wax is applied to the skin in strips along the direction of hair growth, and then pulled down in the opposite direction. High temperature will cause the hair follicles to expand slightly, making it easier to remove the entire hair.


Best for: Small areas, such as upper lip, eyebrows, bikini area.


Safety precautions: You should not wax in places where you often use Retinal Protein A. Because it helps to remove dead layers, retinal protein A makes the skin thin; waxing the skin can cause redness, irritation and damage.


Hair removal can also cause ingrown hair, especially in the bikini area. To reduce the risk, exfoliate before waxing; dead skin cells can clog hair follicles, increasing the risk of hair ingrown.


The biggest problem with waxing is the potential bacterial infection. Every time the applicator stick is immersed in the wax, the infection spreads. The depilator should always use a new stick for every client, and should really use a new stick for every application.


How effective is it? Because it removes hair from the roots, the effect can last for four weeks. You need to let your hair grow to about a quarter of an inch before you can shed it again. Although you can wax at any time of the month, if you wax a few days before your menstrual period, it may be more painful because your skin is more sensitive. Taking some ibuprofen before the appointment may help.



16.Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal

This high-tech hair removal method uses the heat generated by the laser hair removal permanent to attack the hair follicles and destroy them to prevent future hair growth. This is the most expensive method of body hair removal, but it is also the most durable.


Best for: Laser skin hair removal can be used anywhere on the body. But because it requires multiple treatments over several months to see a significant reduction in hair growth, lasers are best suited for smaller areas such as bikini lines and the face.


Safety issues: Permanent facial laser hair removal performed by a dermatologist is the safest. These doctors have not only received training in the use of equipment, but also have extensive knowledge of the skin. For the inexperienced, laser can easily cause skin damage, from burns to pigment changes.


How effective is it? Within six months (monthly treatment), most women's hair growth was reduced by 50%. In order to prevent regeneration, regular maintenance treatment is necessary every two months.

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