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Can Fractional RF Microneedling Tighten and Rejuvenate Skin Vitality?

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As we grow older, skin problems gradually become prominent, and the appearance of various wrinkles is a headache. In addition to basic skin care methods, beauty technology is actually a choice of many people. Have you heard the professional vocabulary of radio frequency microneedle? The beauty effect of RF injection microneedle has very good effect.


42-1-professional RF skin tightening machine

What Is Microneedle Radio Frequency?


Micro-needle radiofrequency therapy opens micro-needles in the epidermis to open micro-channels, enter the dermis and release radio-frequency heat to promote the production of collagen and the reorganization of elastic fibers. It is effective in treating sunken and damaged skin, such as bumps, scars, wrinkles, stretch marks and enlarged pores.


The Principle of Radio Frequency Wrinkle Removal


The professional RF skin tightening machine stimulates the damaged collagen layer to produce new collagen, thereby filling the wrinkled skin due to the reduction of collagen. Radiofrequency skin tightening heats the dermal tissue layer, using the body's own repair function to stimulate tissue regeneration and reconstruction, and thicken the dermis layer. This is a true wrinkle removal, and the use of radio frequency tightening is more thorough and it lasts longer.


42-2-RF facial machine

Advantages of RF Technology


It can automatically adjust the depth of the microneedle. It is adjusted to 0.5-3.5mm in response to different treatment ranges. Compared with manual micro-needle operation, it is easier to control, and the needle drop is more accurate and even, saving treatment time.


It can deep radio frequency heat energy, start collagen regeneration. After the microneedle penetrates into the cortex, it releases heat energy, enhances the reforming efficiency of collagen and elastic fibers, and comprehensively repairs damaged skin cells.


It is a non-insulated microneedle. Compared with insulated microneedles, the radio frequency energy emitted is more uniform and stable. Even after hundreds of guns are used, the ends of the microneedles remain sharp and will not produce debris, avoiding abrasion or debris remaining in the skin, which is absolutely safe and secure.


The perfect arrangement spacing of the needles makes the energy emitted by the radio frequency more consistent and even. There will be no interference or energy overlap due to the short distance between the needles.


The effect of RF microneedles for wrinkle removal is very ideal. As long as you do good care and maintenance after treatment, there will be no rebound. The range of wrinkle removal is very wide. It can reduce various facial wrinkles, eye lines, forehead lines, perioral lines and other dynamic wrinkles, as well as facial aging and photoaging fine lines, fine lines and sagging aging skin.


In fact, RF technology has been widely used in beauty equipment, such as RF facial machine, RF skin tightening machine, RF face lifting beauty care device, 5 in 1 RF device, RF beauty wand, etc.



The Beauty Principle of RF Microneedle


The irritation of the mechanical equipment of the radio frequency microneedle, coupled with the microbial effect and thermal irritation caused by frequency radiation, mutually stimulates the repair of the skin's own system, and promotes basic metabolism and blood circulation.


The radio frequency microneedle opens a safe passage for the skin's convenient digestion and absorption, which is conducive to the entry of beauty and skin care ingredients into the skin.


The radio frequency kinetic energy sent by the radio frequency microneedle replaces the destruction of hair follicle skin glands and sweat glands, inhibits inflammation, and stimulates the repair of its own anti-infective system.


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